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Patrons Profile

Okatakyie Alex Asante

The man who ushered me into his modest office at the data processing unit has been the Patron for quite some years. He is the head of the Data Processing Unit of University of Cape Coast. He is Mr. Alex Asante (M.A) the Chief Patron of Akataslopsa U.C.C. Here is an interview he had with Addai Amoakohene Seth (AAS)

AAS: Good Evening Sir.

M.A: Good Evening.

AAS: Please Sir, can you give us a brief profile of yourself. Your full name, job et cetera.

MA: Well I am Alexander Asante, born some 39 years ago. I and my twin brother attended Opoku Ware School.

AAS: What is your school number?

MA: AC 93. I was in St. James house.

AAS: After Opoku Ware School what happened?

MA: Well, I went to U.S.T from 1986 – 1989. After my first degree, I was appointed a Teaching Assistant. Later on I worked briefly less than a year at Deloitte and Touché in Accra.

AAS: How did end up at U.C.C

MA: I was appointed as a computer programmer here at U.C.C in 1993. Then in 1995 I left to pursue my masters’ degree in computer programming at Shanghai University in China. I came in 1998 and has since been working at U.C.C as the Head of Data Processing Unit.

AAS: As the head of Data Processing Unit, what do you actually do or what are your duties?

MA: I am in charge of managing students records as well as the University’s Management Information System. Also I teach computing that in Management Information System.

AAS: Are you married?

MA: Oh yes, married with one child.

AAS: Sir, Please tell us, how long have you been the Patron of Akataslopsa U.C.C

MA: Well, I have been the Patron since 1993. From 1993 to 1995 Akataslopsa wasn’t as vibrant as it is today.

AAS: It seems that you are the only senior member of Akataslopsa.

MA: There was hardly any Opoku Ware old boy on campus or Slopsan. But there were some Opoku Ware Old boys around. Mr. P. K. Acheampong and Mr. Boadi Siaw. At some points in time, some were brought in from town to help the association.

AAS: How do you view the prospects of Akataslopsa U.C.C

MA: Akataslopsa U.C.C is now growing from strength to strength. Every year we get executives who are willing and prepared to make a name for the association. In my estimation, it is the most organized Students Association on campus right now.

AAS: Sir, In your estimation what do you think are the shortfalls of Akataslopsa U.C.C?

MA: I will say is lack of dedication. There is apathy not only on the side of the women but the men also. The financial standings of the association is not that strong because most members don’t pay their dues.

AAS: People have the perception that you have to spent some years after schools before you can join national Akatakyie. How far is that assertion true?

MA: That is not true. The transition should be smooth. After school, whichever region you find yourself, join the Akatakyie in the region. The same goes for the slopsans.

AAS: Thank you very much Sir. Please do you happen to be a member of any social grouping of club? And do you hold any position in them?

MA: In Cape Coast, there is hardly any club like that. I am a Catholic. I am the Youth Committee Chairman at Mary Queen of Peach Parish, Fourth Ridge.

AAS: Any hobbies?

MA: My interest are in current affairs, music, in fact I like playing guitar and also natural sight seeing.

AAS: Thank you very much for your time, but before then, do you have any word for Akataslopsa U.C.C
acts and
MA: Well, I will say that do not engage yourself in indiscipline social unrest. Maintain your high level of discipline and concentrate much on your studies. Akatakyie and Slopsans are known for setting standards.

Slopsan Clara Asafu-Adjaye
The new patroness, Mrs. Clara Asafu-Adjaye now answers questions from the Webmaster Addai Amoakohene Seth (AAS).


Clara: My name is Clara Asafu-Adjaye. My maiden name was Clara McCarthy. I attended St. Louis Sec. School in 1963 and finished in 1967. I later attended training college form 1968 to 1970 at Holy Child. I had my Diploma in Basic Education for 1998 to 2000 and also had my Post Diploma in 2002 at U.C.C

AAS: Are you still in the Teaching Profession?

Clara: Yes

AAS: What is your rank?

Clara: Assistant director of Education

AAS: With that, I reckon that you should be a head.

Clara: Yes, I am the headmistress of OLA girls’ primary school, Cape Coast.

AAS: Do you belong to any society or club? And if you do, do you hold any position?

Clara: Well no, but I am the President of St. Francis DeSales Cathedral Parish, Cape Coast.

AAS: Oh! Well. What do you think of Akataslopsa.

Clara: I think it is very good to have such an association. It serves as a source of encouragement to the young ones. The alliance is in a way like a “family”.

AAS: Have any of your children ever attended St. Louis Sec. School?

Clara: No, but some of my students have passed through St. Louis upon my advice. Even the prefect as at the time of the school’s 50th Anniversary was my student.

AAS: Thank you madam and once again congratulations! Do you have any message for Akataslopsans.

Clara: I wish all Akataslopsans all the best in their examination. Don’t rest your efforts.