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Comments: This Joke is best enjoyed if you have a Ghanaian background. The fun is centred on the choice of words and literal translation.

The Angry Girl's Letter - By BM

Dear my dearest,
This is your girlfriend calling you from Besease town. Before I go on, how is your air condition? When you come to eat your holiday vacation you do something I don't like at all. You take another girlfriendship and so it pains me.
The first time you see me you say I beautiful than all the girls in Besease town but I hear people say you say I no beautiful. If I no beautiful I wont say anything. I will give all to God and God will eat my case for me. Even when you came to eat your holiday vacation and it is raining you pass through the rain and come and stand by my window place and call me. And do you think what you have done if I throw you medicine it won't hit you? It will hit you only I am a christianity so I won't throw you. Now I get a new boyfriendship and he do work in aeroplane.

Even you the first time I love you frindship you say you will give me this you will give me that and so you thinking the secondary school you go I can't go some. I can go some. I can go some. You say I no beautiful, I and you who is beautiful? Your face like a goat. Because of what you have done, God will beat you with a stick and eat my case for me. When you come to Besease I will show you wise. Apiiitor.

Your girlfriendship.


Once a young boy (about 5yrs) went to church with her mother and this was ensued between them as the church service went on.

Boy: Mum, I want to urinate...
Mother: Hey, Kofi, don't say that. Its not polite. Say I wants to whisper.

the following week, the boy went to church with his father and in the middle
of the service the boy asked again.

Boy: Dad, I want to Whisper
Dad: Oh,kofi never mind, you can whisper into my ears.

The Prayer of the Christian Bachelor

Lord, you know I love Christi, but there is also Anastacia and am not forgetting Beatrice even though I've not mentioned Grace.

Recently, when I was with Agnes after leaving Patricia, I met Gifty at the Choir and not to mention Joana at the other fellowship.

Oh ! Lord am now confused, because a few days after leaving Mary, I've met Judith who has impressed me more than Irene. Lord I need your answer.

Mr. Nothing Speech

Good morning and Good Day to you all, ladies and gentle men gathered here. It is my previledge to stand before you, stand behind you, to tell you something I know nothing about.

Last week wednesday, the day before thursday, there was to be men meeting for women only. The rate is free, but don't forget to pay at the gate. Put up a chair by sitting on the floor, then we shall all discover the four corners of the round table. Thanks for your honor.

Why Cow?

A student was severly punished by a teacher for failing to spell the word "COW" correctly. The student reported this to his father in the house and this was what ensued between the father and the teacher.

Father: why did you punish my child for not able to spell this big animal "COW".
Teacher: Sir, but its not difficult to spell and ....
Father: And what? This small boy, how can he spell "COW", instead of you giving him a simple small word like "MOSQUITO". You couldn't reason and gave him such big Animal to spell.
Check out More later ! ! !.